VOB Editor

VOB refers to the Video Object which store the main data of a DVD files. When you have some VOB files and want to edit them, we strongly recommend VOB Editor to help you. With this powerful VOB editing tool, you can easily split your VOB files or multitrim several segments from one VOB file. You can also use this VOB movie Editor to join several VOB files or segments into a single one and add transition effects for them.

Expect the above, you can use this VOB File Editor to add text or picture watermark, export to audios and mix outside audio effect with the original VOB files. The output categories includes File, Disc and Device. So you can convert your VOB files to other video formats or burn them back to Discs.

How to edit VOB files with VOB Editor?

You can free download the trial version and prepare the VOB files for importing.

Step 1. Run the software. Click the and right click on the blank in File and Effects Area to add VOB media.

Step 2. After all the VOB is added, drag and drop them to the Timeline/Storyboard Area for editing. You can use the buttons on the left to add special video effects like Sepia, Old Movie and text/picture watermark for your VOB files; you can also add Video Overlay and Audio mix effects.

Step 3. You can preview any effect you set on the top right preview window and take snapshot of your favorite pictures with the button below the preview window.

Step 4. When all the above settings are finished, click "" button on the Toolbar then select File or Disc option to output your VOB files. Click Next button.

Set the parameters of your output file in the pop-up window. Click Next button.

Step 5. Set the output folder and output file name, click button to begin the conversion. When the conversion is finished, you can choose to open the folder or burn to discs according to your choice in Step 4.